About Us

1st June 2016

Our mission is enabling our clients to efficiently enter the digital environment and via secured digital ID management, just like using DIGITAL PASS.  To achieve that, we provide these following services; Domain Name and Online Brand Protection Strategy, Secured Mail for secured communication. It could be provided as a stand alone service or it can be integrated into your system.

Our continue R&D vision is to effectively and efficiently making use the internet for all.

It Includes:

  • Internationalized Domain Name (IDN),
  • Email Address Internationalization (EAI),
  • Universal Acceptance of Internet,
  • Information Exchange between G2G and B2B,
  • Electronic Business and International Trade Facilitation

We commit to make our products and services compile with international standards and best practices to be client’s sustainable solution. We work closely with international platforms such as ICANN, IGF, UNECE, UNESCAP.

We believe in Sufficient Economy Philosophy by King Bhumibhol of Thailand. Therefore, we commit to use our knowledge to solve important problems in the sufficient and sustainable way, and joining our partners to reach the world’s Sustainable Development Goal 2030.